Every motion graphic project we work on is different, however the same production process underlies every video, whether it’s a 30-seconds explainer to a four-minutes promotional business video.

If you’re new to motion graphic project management, our 8-steps-to-animation will give you a quick overview of our methodology.

Step 1 Briefing

  • Discuss production process
  • Determine video goals and story
  • Determine audience, deadline, budget
  • Set production milestones

Step 2 Scripting and Structure

Whether you are adept at provide your own script or require our help and collaboration to form your story, a good planning is crucial for productivity.

  • We plan the script structure
  • We propose material list: footage, images, text content and sound style etc.
  • Your amendment
  • Sign off the script (The first sign off point to move ahead with the voice over recording and motion graphic production)

Step 3 Keyframes Review

We work in accordance with your brand profile, and from our brief we create a number of key frames. Now you are able to visualise the look of the video, and receive a written list of the storyboard and content structure.

  • A brief review of selected keyframe styles
  • A storyboard or a written list
  • This marks the 2nd sign off point of the animation project

Step 4 Sound and Voice Over

We will help you find the ideal voice to match your brand and budget, and assist you to finalise the VO script, and then process to our studio recording.

Step 5 Animation and Effects

Since this step takes days or weeks to complete, depending on the complex, content and length, it’s essential that we collaborate and sign off the previous steps.

Step 6 Audio Mix

  • Add background soundtrack
  • Add any relevant sound effects
  • Clean and refine the voice over recording
  • Remix all sound to match the sequence of the animation

Step 7 Prelaunch

  • You review the semi-final animation
  • We tweak and apply the last round of changes

Step 8 Launching

  • We render the final animation to multi-formats
  • Final delivery to your specific channels
  • Project launch
  • Final sign off

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